Origins of Brandrenew


Creativity originates from many different backgrounds and settings. People tend to have their spot. Right here you have a room that captures what ritual and upbringing mean on innovating in the public relations industry. Cris Dorman, Principal at Brandrenew, describes the room as, “As a place that showcases modern times with accents of refined aesthetics, specifically hand-crafted finishings that have give off a resourceful, distinctive and unique vibe that fosters creativity.”

Now at the Columbia Club, Cris got his in from Tom Rector, a fellow Cardinal and Owner at Rector Communications, when they had gone on a tour together of the Columbia Club in December of 2011 of the facilities when deciding to become a member. At this tour they had been informed on the possibility of office space, which ignited thoughts of positioning for their businesses. Through their entrepreneurial backgrounds they ended up landing space initially in March 2012 by having one unit for their businesses and by October of 2012 they had three units of office space and they had given redefined both of their businesses. Within two years of being at the Columbia Club, Brandrenew has expanded its clientele and work and its sure to grow even more in the upcoming years.

Cris Dorman a Ball State University alumni, has deep roots of redefining brands that originates from his upcoming in the public relations industry by having Ball State’s tagline “Education Redfined” in his innards. Dorman, Ball State University ’06, Principal at Brandrenew, has heightened his Ball State education by redefining his career path. Initially, after graduation soon discovered that his passions were leading him in a direction of put a new definition of what it means to work in the public relations industry. Dorman has really embodied his upbringing through experiences that gave him a mentality to learn and enhance his clients works by having redefining experiences in the public relations industry through creating Brandrenew in 2010.