Step 1

Research Company | Meet with Client | Ask Questions | Evaluate Previous Brand


Step 2

Look at Public Perception Vs Desired Perception | Identify Gaps Between Vision/Mission/Brand | Determine Branding Needs


Step 3

Conception & Creation of Brand Possibilities | Reviewal and Revision | Finalization & Implementation of New Brand

Validation & Education

Step 4

Reviewal of New Brand | Education of New Brand Usage for Management and Employees

Evolution of design

When the client comes to us with their version of the scenario, we analyze the scenario and give specific steps to take for going forward. If the steps are unpalatable to the clients, we still abide by them.

Our Branding

… revises and identifies your company. A company’s all-encompassing identity – the visual, emotional, and technical footprint. Brand creates an image in the mind of your  customer.

Our Marketing

… gets your company leads. Effectively uses the brand to shape the look and explain the company’s products or services to strategically targeted audiences.

Our PR

… manages your relationships with media. Relationship Management, Earned Exposure, Media and Promotion. PR uses the brand to help mold these messages, staying consistent to the brand..

Our Advertising

… creates your paid media placements and promotions. Advertising uses the brand to create the look and feel of the advertisements and paid promotions to strategically targeted audiences.

The classical method of strategy selection

Once the results of our investigation and data collection methodology are completed, we analyze the data using the software like SPSS.

Exploratory Research

Once the client entrusts the project to us, we launch our research process.

Descriptive Methods

The methodology adopted to study the data depends on the industry the client is in.

Target Audience

Once the initial analysis is carried out, we quickly identify the target audience.

Sampling Strategy

Choosing a suitable sampling strategy, we embark on finding a pattern of relationship.

Questionnaire Design

This plays a significant role in elucidating information about the objects studied

Online Survey

We undertake many types of online surveys to gather data for statistical analysis