At Brandrenew, every employee starts out their day by walking into the Columbia Club, which is located on the circle in downtown Indianapolis, then walks through the main lobby to the elevator and presses the 5 on the dashboard. They proceed up the elevator into an opening of the doors that opens up a blue path way that is branded with  Columbia Club brand. As members of the team walk from the elevator to the office they are welcomed by a cozy aesthetic given off by the hotel and softens the mood of a typical office setting. Instead of going to the office it feels like your on a voyage of creativity.

As they walk into the door of the office they are welcomed by a gallery of dry-erase boards that have ideas, projects, and clients on them. This is where ideas spark for the team at Brandrenew. This embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of Brandrenew’s team. Next, team members see green where ever you look green is present. To Cris Dorman, Principal at Brandrenew, green is defined by it’s bright, edgy and [re]-memorable.

With these factors present in the office what makes team members excel, you ask. The office is a place were conversation is never lacking if employees need ideas and inspiration they can look no further but the team members around them who constantly give support, advice and critique. These actions act as a inspirational mechanism to ensure the best work is put forth. Brandrenew loves being creative and they are constantly in position to deliver creativity in their work with an environment that frames it on a daily basis.