To give you a glimpse into who we are at Brandrenew, we decided to put together a list of things that we love. After all, form follows taste does it not?

Good wingtip shoes

Allen Edmonds and Cole Haan. Worn By Cris Dorman and Brian Kenny.

Allen Edmonds ColeHaan


Most days, you can find someone sporting a nice pair of brown wing tip shoes around the office. Allen Edmonds and Cole Haan are our brands of choice.

Groovy Music

Brian recommends music by Mayer Hawthorne. His music blends the best of modern and classic styles, nearly impossible to classify in a specific genre. This particular tune, “Back Seat Lover”, is smooth, upbeat, fun, and catchy. One of the many flavors we take a liking to. If you like, check out his latest album Where Does This Door Go.

Office Beer


Stella Artois is in the office fridge at all times (Cris’s go to beer). If by chance you have never had Spaten beer, look for a twelve pack the next time you visit the liquor store. You won’t be disappointed.

Simple Style: Casual Bowties


Rock My Bowtie is a new site exclusively for bowties. The idea is simple, purely good bow ties for $25. Free shipping when you buy two, and a portion of each sale goes to support testicular cancer research. What’s not to like? Be sure to check them out.